Hickory Handle Badaxx


Hickory handle axes are back in stock!

The latest addition to the Badaxx lineup! The highest quality straight grain, flame tempered, Hickory handle Badaxx. The flame tempering process helps tighten the grain of the hickory making it the strongest hickory axe handle you can buy! Each handle is hand fitted and wedged in our shop to ensure the tightest and best fit possible. Each handle is finished with a hand rubbed Odies Oil finish to seal it and make it easy to clean. We also add an octagonal shape that makes it easier to get a secure grip for every swing.

The new notched head design gives firefighters options for marrying your Badaxx with your Halligan bar! And you still have the option to use your Badaxx as a bailout anchor!!

Personalize your hickory Badaxx below for an additional $20.